Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Client Website Experience

With the client website I always had a set idea on what I wanted to do that also complied with the views of my client.

Ingenie wanted a stylish, classy and modern design that didn't attract away from the bags she creates.

While taking into consideration of her black and white colour preferences, I introduced a soft sage green to help symbolise her image for eco-friendly bags. This idea went over very well and she was more then happy with the result.

Ingenie was a pleasure to work with. She responded to all my questions within the week they were sent and was never a hassle about the design work.

The content was all already supplied by her current website.

The major issues of compiling this website were the spry navigation panel and the contact form.

It took a lot longer then it should to put together the spry navigation bar but the look and feel it gave to the overall design was worth it.
I took ingenie's previous website and took into account the accessability of her style pages and improved it so that all those pages could be accessed straight from the navigation panel through a drop down menu instead of having to click a link for the secondary menu to open.

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